Spiros Atsalis Portfolio....

Rectangular images that travel the mind. Stories of love imprinted with a magical aura. Worlds vanishing in the emotion of a moment but get reborn through beautiful colors. Light and shadows expressing the past but in our eyes seems like now. 

The Award winning photographer photographer Spiros Atsalis among his studies in the field of Arts, has a degree in Architecture & Interior Design and also a degree in Marketing & Advertising. This has helped him to create photos that not only appease the eye but also presents them in the most complete--targeted- succesful- way.  

Based in Corfu Greece, travels on request to any destination you require. Being a professional photographer and a true believer of art he undertakes every project as a challenge with passion to capture your most unique and intimate moments.

Specializes in:   Wedding Photography, Christening/Baptism Photography, Real Estate Photography (Airbnb, Hotels, Villas, Houses), Portrait Photography, Fashion & Glamour Photography, Advertising Photography, Product Photography, Food Photography.

Corfu Island has been chosen by many couples over the years to host their special day. 

Spiros Atsalis is an experienced Corfu Wedding photographer, known also as S.Atsalis by his artistic signature. Many families have chosen Spiros Atsalis apart from their Corfu wedding to also capture the photos of their children’s baptism - christening event."